Tion Wayne has already started 2017 on a high.

Not only has four of his music videos have reached the 1 million mark, his last mixtape, which included the single ‘Me Or the Lifestyle’ reached the third spot of the UK iTunes Hip Hop Charts! His headline show was a massive sell out and reveals that his next banger track is going to be just as epic as his recent release ‘Minor’ .

Tion Wayne has already set his career in motion, having already been inspired by many of the UK acts that have gone before him. The surroundings in which influenced his upbringing gave him the advantage to quickly burst into the thriving UK music scene, that has not only change course, but has started a new chapter of the acceptance of independence…thanks to the internet.

The rapper sits down with us, to reflect on his current successes and his future prospects. He spills the beans into a few plans that he has for 2017

  1. Four music videos; one million views. Describe the success so far.

It’s been sick man. Surprising and I’ve enjoyed it.

2. Your third music video ‘Minor’ is a track that is a fusion of African and Caribbean beats. We’re seeing more Grime artists looking to gain inspiration from other music genres. Do you think that is going to be the future of Grime now?

I think that kind of genre is at a sick place. The people doing that type of sound…people are enjoying it. So the future is positive. 

3. We also heard that your recent tracl=k ‘Me, or the Lifestyle’ was among the Top five via Itunes. 

Yeah. ‘Me Or the Lifestyle’ reached number two you know…it shows that I got real support.

4. Congratulations! Describe your response in one word.


5. Your headline show last year was a success, as the event was a sell-out. Please reflect on the experience.

That was sick. I’m trying to do another one for this year, as the last one was just vibes. Proper vibes. 

6. Any exclusives that you’d like to share in regards to your next headline show or do we all just have to wait and see?

You lot have to wait and see. Last time I had some sick guests; I’m planning to do the same again.

7. For your new fans, gives us a brief into your personal journey to becoming a rapper. What were your inspirations and influences that made you decide to be music artist?

I think it was my surroundings.  I grew up listening to couple of artists from the UK, and I liked what they were doing. So…I just decided that  I wanted to get into it. From there, it’s been onwards and upwards. 

8. AJ Tracey x Dave are great examples of artists that have been recognised by the likes of then BBC, MTV as well as platforms ILUVLIVE. The contenders and nominees for many of these mainstream shortlist are from diverse backgrounds. How does it feel that the mainstream music media are now recognising these underground talent that was once ignored?

What’s happened is that the scene is starting to realise that we are the new generation. We’re the future. Back in the day, we were used to watching these people on TV. Nowadays, everything’s on the internet. So that’s what’s hot right now.

It’s sick to watch, sick to see.

9. A journalist wrote in the Guardian that diversity is going to be future of British Music. Do you agree with the journalist? Especially considering that fact that Ray BLK is an independent artist who isn’t signed to any record label. Yet, she won the BBC Sound of 2017. 

Urm…I think diversity is making British music pop now, Every artists has got their own uniqueness. Even when someone tries to copy someone else, they’re going to be unique in their own way because they’re going to have their own sound. I definitely think diversity is the future.

10. If you had 1 million pounds, what would you use it for?  

Literally, I’m going to give my mum half.  Then I’ll invest the money to make myself a multi-millionaire, so I’ll invest the money in the right places…and take it from there. You get me?

11. Do you have prospects of  becoming a mogul like P.Diddy? What are your long-term goals?

My long-terms goals is to be successful. If I look back at music and be like ‘Boom! I’ve done this, I’ve done that’ then that’s my long-term goal; just to make it.

12. Which other artists do you recommend that we should watch out for?

Urm,  Who’s  killing it at the moment? Kojo’s killing it, Kojo Fund is killing it…

Watch out for my brother One Ason; he’s sick and got a sick talent. My brother Turner…

…Yeah, that’s t really.

13. What prospects and exclusive insights you’d like to share with us in regards to 2017.

I got a banger coming out soon and it’s with Afrobeat. 


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