In case you’re wondering, DPC stands for ‘Dollar, Pound, Cake’; using metaphoric references for describing his grind as ‘cream’. T Mulla presents a J.O.A.T.’s Jre produced track that will get your heads bopping and singing along to the catchy chorus.

The chimes of the electric calypso complimenting T Mulla’s fierce heist lyrics makes the track a valuable airplay.  The  19-year-old East Londoner and Economic undergraduate is keeping things hot in the current AfroSwing climate. It’s the dark partner of J Hus ‘Did You See’, jam-packed with hot melodies and a hook connoisseur that will have you singing along to the tune. ‘DPC’ is part of  T-Mulla’s “new sound” that he’s developing. The single gained a thumbs up from DJ Target, who adds his own verdict, stating that he liked “…the vibe…”  and highly recommends it “…to be played on the radio.”  His previous tracks ‘Composure‘ and ‘Gimmie’ amassed over 100k Youtube views and 300k Soundcloud plays. More is to be expected from the upcoming artist.



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