Tobi Sunmola goes sober and dedicates ‘City of Dreams’ to his hometown with. After an exclusive premiere via Dummy Magazine, Sunmola makes the track available for the masses and shares his unapologetic and unconditional love for Manchester.

Flavoured in his heritage and decorated in his love for rap, ‘City of Dreams’ is written after the incident that struck Manchester into a halt. In the words of Sunmola: “After the attack, I watched the news and seen how everything unfolded. The tale of the city could have sadness but the city showed me a side that makes me so proud to be from here.” 

Tobi Sunmola was recently one of the headliners for the ILUVLIVE x MOBOUnSung Tour. With eyes of fire and the spirit of a tiger, Sunmola has been consistent and grounded in his unique approach to rap. He’s incorporated his African heritage and polishes his love for Hip Hop with exquisite lyricism. To us, he’s more than just a rapper. His poetic versatility should be and will be decorated in the years to come. Assuring many that actually, real hip hop still lives.




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