“It talks about who I am as a person, the colour of my skin and how that may either hinder my growth to where I aspire to be.” 

Tobi Sunmola follows up with another conscious gravitating track that will resonate into the soul of many. This track is entitled ‘Simba’, a single highly praised by Huw Stephens and premiered at The Line of Best Fit.

The execution of the track perfectly syncs with the title. Whether it’s the beat of the African rhythms that is intertwined with the Hip Hop beat or the spoken word incorporated within the lyrics, Sunmola continues to keep up with the trends without compromising his message, which he feels is another struggle as an artist in today’s music climate. His captivating hook lines and the infectious beat is what will get you listening to his struggles of being Black. Yet like Simba in the ‘Lion King’, he becomes (and will always be) the official ruler of his jungle.

The Manchester artist has risen from his humble days at the Youth club and has performed at ILUVLIVE. He was also on the ‘Welcome to My City’ Tour with Punch Records alongside other artists NIPAH, Gambini, Kizzy Crawford and Sub Blue this year. Despite the common hits that are praised by mega record labels, Sunmola is among the few that’ll eventually, become one of the most talked about artists from Britain that the country has ever come across. His features on websites Afropunk and Complex are just two international exports who are completely in awe with the rapper’s versatility. It’s not going to be long now before we hear that this lad is going to be having his name in lights.


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