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Adetola Teriba aka Tola Teriba has already been in short films such as “Casey”, “Salt In The Wound”, “Cool World Order”, “Fresh Off The Boat” and will currently star in new movies “Sapiens” and “Brothers In Suits”. Unfortunately in respect to Mr Moses, we’re afraid to say that new projects information are under wraps…however, that shouldn’t stop you from getting to know a bit about Tola Teriba. Afterall, he has a breaking  start with appearing in music videos of Stormzy, Avelino and Dun D in the past…and now he’s done with that.

Tola is a very down-earth cool brother that you’d had at secondary school that knows when it’s time to get serious and time to have fun. In one of our very honest yet coolest interview EVER, Tola talks about being done with appearing music videos, his preference of being a “Sapien” rather than a superhero and his dreams with working with Denzel Washington and John Boyega (whom he’s already worked with).

As you read and as we write, we’re begin to like him more and more…

1. Tola! Thanks for having an interview with us. We’re very humbled.

It’s not a problem guys! I’m more than glad to do it especially for those who take interest in my work.

2. So first thing’s first, you’re one of the sapiens in the coming movie called “Sapiens”. Can you give us a little exclusive about your character and whether you get a new superpower in the movie.

I am in a movie called Sapiens but any Sapiens information is AG17 classified I’m afraid ;).

3. What it’s like working with R.M Moses and the cast? How did you found out about the movie role? What motivated you to audition for a role? Please feel free to reflect…

Working with Rem Rem (my name for him) is mad cool man! He’s a man with a vision like myself and will go through any lengths to get the image in his head on to the screen, which I love about certain directors. I think that’s so important! The rest of the cast are very cool man…we’ve definitely grown into a little family and we’ve only just met so there’s a lot of chemistry in this film. To be honest, Remi reached out to me after I reached out to him and told him to watch a couple of my projects. I could just tell he’s the kind of director you’d want to work with as he takes his craft so serious; probably more serious than I do (which is highly unlikely) that I love. 

4. Apart from being a street gangster, you’ve also being a romantic man in a committed relationship with Lauren Cato in Short film “Casey”. Do you have a dream role you wish to portray? Cos we’re also aware about another project that you’re going to be called “Brothers In Suits” (please give us some exclusives).

Don’t say “street gangster” I hateeeeee that hahaha!

The boy Daniel was a very misunderstood character in “Double Crossing”, which is why I was glad to play him because I could relate to him. In terms of dream roles, I really just want to play every kind of role possible and have fun. Whether it’s a role in a military film, cop film, mob boss, lawyer *coughs in leaked secrets* and much more. However, I will say I’m very obsessed with super speed at the moment and I don’t know why :(… BUT yeah man, “Brothers In Suits” (hehehe) is a webseries directed by the best female director in the world Monet Morgan. She also wrote it and put it together. It’s got some heavy names including myself and Nathan Hector in it and it’s due to be crazy all I’m going to say is… DONT SLEEP ON IT!!!!!!!!

5. So we assume that you’re a sapien in real life…would rather be a superhero instead of a sapien?

Sapien all day bruh.

Tola Teriba

6. You’ve recently moved into film as you’ve first started as a main star in Music videos for many UK artists such as Bonkaz, Stormzy, Avelino and Dun D. Which one do you prefer? Appearing in music videos or just being an actor portraying different personalities of characters?

I kind of done the music video thing because I didn’t know where to start. I saw all these short films and didn’t know how to get involved with it, but I knew a lot of rappers who were more than willing to give me a helping hand and let me be in their videos. The first video I was in (and no one know it till this day) was actually Arnold Oceng’s lol…just search up “Snakeyman Cried” and you’ll laugh for an hour. I prefer making movies. The world of movies is just too amazing. There’s so much more out there for me in movies than music video.

7. Who do you dream to collaborate with and what would the film be? It’s okay if you have more than one and it could be anyone (filmmaker/actors).

Everyone knows I want to work with Denzel Washington and my dad Idris Elba BUT I REALLY WANT TO WORK WITH JOHN BOYEGA ( my brother,
my best friend). I think we’ll kill a film together! We’ve killed one before but THAT IS AG29 CLASSIFIED jahahaahhaajajajajja! In terms of plots — God knows. Just working with them will be lively for me.

8. Do you have any Nollywood film favourites? We see that you appeared in “Gone Too Far” and are aware that they’re planning to do a second one where they’ll go to Nigeria! Any prospects in appearing in the second one?

You know what? I don’t even deal with Nollywood like that and with “Gone Too Far”,  I thought my scene got cut out :(. I didn’t do a little scene on there but I haven’t seen the film yet so I’m not sure if it’s in there but being in the second one would be cool! I’ve wanted to be an African based film so we’ll see what the future holds.

9. How has working in film contribute to your growth and maturity as a man? Do you have any personal role models? You’re diverting away from taking stereotypical street gangster to more fulfilling realistic roles such as the committed man in “Casey”.

Film teaches you to be disciplined. There are many who aren’t disciplined who are successful in film but their successes are short lived. It gives you great focus in everything you do once you acquire that discipline and it really helps to make decisions; whether that’s on screen or in reality. It teaches you the importance of making a decision…like for me it’s neither being the gangster in every film , nor the cop in every film or even the family man in every film. I chase diversity as it makes the job more fun and everyone around me in the business are my role models. They teach me what to do and what not to do and simple things like that are so needed; especially when you’re actor because you can have no direction and just give up on the craft…it happens daily.

10. Do you have recommendations as to who to watch out for in the UK film industry? The more names the better…

Hmmmm first and foremost watch out for me! I think the industry sleeps on me but that’s another story. Apart from that,  watch out for Remi , the cast of “Sapiens”, Nathan Hector , my lil’ brother Moses, Letitia Wright doesn’t need a shoutout , John Boyega doesn’t need a shoutout , Ella Pincho-Flannery (forgive me if I got it wrong Ella loool), the guys at SnowPixx media and many more. On the music front look out for Agyeman, Strecth and Poppy! Also watch out for Nnesaga, One figures and Doccia; I can’t stress this enough!!!!’

11. As an actor, what has been one major challenge that you’ve conquered with a BOOM! POW! POW in the film industry?

I think it was going from having to audition for roles to being offered them. Don’t get me wrong, there’s so much I need to do and still need to make my film and TV debut and so much more apart from that it’s avoiding the stereotype, getting rid of my stutter and doing my first on screen kiss I casey ( yeah I said it.. It was my first) it was the most nerve racking thing and the funniest thing is I have no problem with kissing in real life some say I’m the best kisser ever…(well I say it) but it’s just not looking ugly on screen while doing it that’s my biggest fear lol because unlike on stage your friends can rewind again and again… And again…

12. One word to describe the upcoming film “Brothers In Suits”.


13. Away from your acting strengths, give us a day in the life of Tola Teriba.

A day in the life of Tola Teriba can be very boring or very active lol just depends on what day you catch me on… For example I can wake up and play some ps4 the whole entire day or I can spend the whole day looking at scripts , In the gym , planning world domination and much more.. My life has many dynamics to it.

14.  If you weren’t pursuing a career in acting, what career would you substitute instead?

I can’t imagine anything else except acting.

15. Apart from upcoming films previously mentioned (“Sapiens” and “Brothers In Suits”) are there other exclusive projects that you’ll like us to know about?

Apart from “Sapiens” and “Brothers In Suits”. There is a secret project that i can’t tell anyone about lol.. Actually 2… But hey I’m always looking for more so people can shout me and if I click with it , we can run with it!

16. How can we be updated with more news of your progression into the film industry?

To keep updated with my stuff follow me on Twitter (@tolateriba1) Instagram (tolateriba_) and tumblr I’m considering making a website but I’m unsure!

Erm…we recommend that you get a site.


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