NEW!!! Toto Bona Lokua – Ma Mama


6Music airs Toto Bona Lokua’s animated video for the track ‘Ma Mama’. The beautiful video syncs with the trio’s single that were created by Its Nice That Graduate Of The Year Katy Wang. The music video consists of an Africa textile palettes from the original textile of Congo’s Kuba Cloth.

Wang reveals that the music video “…a love story but told in a very innocent, playful way, of two people exploring this animated world together.” The music video is part of the animated webseries for their album ‘Bodeko’. Despite not having heavy music promotion in France, Lokua Kanza, Gerald Toto and Richard Bona received heavily great reception from the audience for their capability of blending their languages, ancestral cultures and traditions with first release ‘Totobonalokua’ ten years ago. It was only a matter of time that the three would reunite again as suggested by Gerard Toto.

Individually, these three are already mavens of their own. Lokua Kanza is Africa’s most established most elegant troubadours singing in four languages Swahili, Lingala,  French and English. Gerald Toto has worked with diverse artists across the world including Algerian rai singer Faudel and Parisian hipsters Nouvelle VagueRichard Bona is a renowned multi-instrumentalist with a Grammy-nominated album that has enabled him to work with many of the world’s top stars ranging from John Legend and Bobby McFerrin to Quincy Jones! 

‘Bodeko’ is set to be released this month on January 19th via Nø Førmat!. However, their animation webseries is officially available to stream here.



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