We live in serious times. But Uncle Drew, a refreshingly irreverent film from director Charles Stone III, looks like a glorious respite from the wearying 24 hours news cycle. Uncle Drew adopts the well worn “getting the gang back together” formula, with down on his luck Dax (LilRel Howery) forced to turn to desperate measures after losing his treasured basketball team to a perennial rival played by Nick Kroll (putting his trademark cartoonish sleazebag persona to good use).

Desperate measures for Dax involves making contact with “Uncle Drew” (real life basketball superstar Kyrie Irving) a retired, legendary streetball player. With Uncle Drew onboard, they set about enlisting a ragtag team of misfits, presumably with the intent to help them win a climactic sporting event. Although Uncle Drew’s formula is not exactly breaking new ground, the cast, which includes Shaquille O’Neal and comedic force of nature Tiffany Haddish all look to be swinging for the fences (maybe a basketball analogy would’ve been more fitting) in this farcical new comedy. Chaos abounds in the trailer, which features a blend of crude humour, geriatric make-up and enjoyably offbeat performances. 


Uncle Drew is scheduled for release in the UK in July. Basketball and comedy fans rejoice!!!


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