'Unsane' has a pivotal twist on the psychological horror in the eyes of Sawyer Valentini (Claire Foy) of having a hallucinating stalker that's following her...

Or is she telling the truth...?


Watching the trailer hints that there's seems to be a mental misunderstanding hence the twisting of the word from insane makes sense that really, the woman is actually mad. The film is directed by Steven Soderbergh, who's known for his work on television shows such as 'Godless', 'Mosaic', 'The Girlfriend Experience' and 'Red Oaks'. Also co-starring in the film is famous voice impersonator of Saturday Night Live Jay Pharaoh.

Both Jonathan Bernstein and James Greer have worked together and written films such as 'The Spy Next Door', 'Just My Luck' and 'Bait Shop' in the past. It seems that this will be their first whereby they have written a thrilling script that'll allow you to pay detective as to whether the protagonist is being serious or just delusional.

'Unsane' is set to be in the cinemas TODAY on March 23rd in the UK.


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