FIRST LOOK: ‘What Is Vibbar?’ – The Documentary


Since stumbling across their single “Summer of Love” a while back, Vibbar has continued gaining and making major moves. They’ve fully secured a record label, released the accompanied visual for the debut and have featured the likes of grime’s Mercston for their track “Lighter”.

‘What is Vibbar’ allows new viewers get an insight into the creative collective of entertainers, art directors, and producers spanning across the disciplines of art, music, fashion, art, and culture. These guys have their mind straight as they set to make voluntary moves down the line. Not only do viewers follow the group on their first live performance in Sweden, but we get word from all of the members – Skribz, Specs, Jo, Jordy, and Poet. Their mission: To spread good vibes and positive vibes in every aspect of their creative brand and music. The mini-documentary will enable you to learn the inspiration behind the name, reasons as to why they came together and their strong bond have kept them on their grind and on business. With the grind of the group comes the laughter and jokes, and dealing with a few pitfalls – but that doesn’t shine from their friendship.



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