David Woods has been working on his first webseries ‘Victor’, with the first episode being released today.

Produced under Woods’ company The Outward Film Network, ‘Victor’ stars July Gunce Ates (‘Karadayi’, ‘Analar ve Anneler’, ‘Hello Au Revoir’), Mandi Chivasa and Liza Callinicos. They play two distinctive women (a business woman and a grieving single mother) who are drawn to a dark game of vengeance.

Who is Victor?’ You may be asking. Well, we don’t have the answer! The full identity of ‘Victor’ will be exposed in the show. For some reason, both David Woods and  Phil Slatter are keeping the revelation in suspense; making you as a viewer, to play detective of the show.

Keep up with the new episodes of the webseries by subscribing to the Outward Film Network official Youtube Channel. 


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