Forget that Ella Rose has departed into another life, check out the new girl WARREN.

With this transition of persona came a new sound and image.

She recently released her EP ‘That Girl’. Although we’ve been digging to this artist since releasing two of her one off tracks ‘XOXO’ and ‘Demons’. The singer-songwriter and producer is gradually making her way up into the music scene. She holds her own show throughout the year showcasing a host of other acts as well as her own.  The new sound got her noticed by BBC Introducing and her recent piece of work has gained her a new host of fans.

To celebrate the first release of work, NWD chat with the artist as she reveals the reason for her persona transition, her new EP and whether she’ll be performing at this years festival.

Music lover around the world, this is the new girl in London town.

  1.    Who is Warren?

Warren is a London female singer – songwriter and producer. Warren is an inner voice. For me right now that means truth, strength and courage. Warren can be whatever you want her to be.

(Warren was also the name of my Granddad, so that’s where the name came from.)

  1. Is it true that you used to have an artist persona formerly known as Ella Rose?

Haha I love the way you used the phrase ‘artist persona’… I’m all about artists that completely embody an alter ego. But in reality, my birth name is Ella Rose, and when I first started out, I’d use that — at the time I was still experimenting and developing as an artist.

  1. What made you make the music transition from Rose to Warren?

Once I’d stopped experimenting and found my sound, I decided to draw a line and give myself a fresh start. I guess this all happened when I started producing my own beats. I’d go into sessions to write with producers & show them demos that I’d made in my bedroom… It got to the point where they’d turn around & tell me that I didn’t really need a producer because I’d pretty much made the beat myself. So, I started producing my own songs, and found it gave them a sound that was kind of my own unique blend of influences. Transitioning to Warren was the point where I really started to feel confident and excited about what I was making so I felt like it deserved a sort of ‘re-birth’.

  1. From a musical perspective, how is Warren different from Ella Rose?

Warren’s sound is definitely darker than Ella Rose. The music I tend to produce definitely borrows influences from Grime and Trap; so using my own instrumentals started shaping my music in a new direction.

  1. Describe music in three words.           

Life, vibes and free. 

  1. How would you describe the sound on your new EP ‘That Girl.’

‘That Girl’ is a self-penned and produced introduction to Warren – a blend of nostalgic R&B, dark nocturnal beats, topped with hooky top lines and an unmistakable UK undertone.

  1. You made your debut last year with two tracks ‘XOXO’ and ‘Demons’; with ‘Demons’ on your recently released EP ‘That Girl EP’. Can you give viewers insight into your first release and piece of work?

For the past year I’ve been in the studio writing, producing and recording a whole load of material. After the release and initial support of ‘Demons’, I felt like it was time to put out an EP of songs for those who have supported me since the beginning. It’s a labour of love, from the first note sung to the artwork.

  1. a) Is your EP the shadow of (possibly) an album? 

I’d love to put out an album, but in the near future I think it will be more like a mix tape… I’ve been producing a lot for other up and coming Artists, so you can definitely expect to hear some collaborations & features on other projects being released very soon!   

              b) When can we expect your first music video?

Keep your eyes peeled for my first video, which will be released in the next couple months…

  1. You’ve gained airplay from BBC Introducing. How does to feel to receive massive support in the early days of your career?

It was so incredible to get support from BBC Introducing with ‘Demons’. I wrote the song about overcoming personal demons and finding internal strength, so to have support on that particular song meant a lot.  

Hearing it played on radio for the first time was something I’d dreamed about forever, so I was just screaming and dancing and being all kinds of crazy at the time.

  1. What’s your take on the UK music industry? As it’s definitely gaining interest with its international breakthroughs with Grime, Afrobeats, British soul and alternative pop.

At the moment I think the UK has some of the most exciting new music. The DIY culture here is stronger than ever which means new artists pop up every day. Grime’s international break though has meant huge things for our scene, and it feels like finally UK artists are getting the kudos they have deserved for so long. It’s like a creative melting pot here and there really aren’t any rules, I love it!

  1. You held your own show with a host of supporting acts: Jay Dako, Jessica Morgan and Connor Seven. Will you be organising another headline gig to celebrate you EP release?

 I’ll be announcing some live dates for May where I’ll be playing the EP. I’d love to put on more events in the future, but for now maybe I’ll throw a party- obviously you’re all invited.

  1. Are you planning to perform at a couple of festivals this year?

(Still in the process of being confirmed TBA)

  1. Where can your new fans find out more about you?

Come say hello to me at one of my shows. Or find me on any of my socials @thatgirlwarren. You can also ask me anything and get in touch via my website

‘That Girl’ is available to stream and purchase now across major digital music platforms.



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