Written by Carol Younghusband ('Night Armour', 'Ten Glorious Seconds' and 'Smile') and directed by Kate Cheeseman comes the trailer for a short film drama that has become the third winner for the Papaya Fund Award and will be screening in the Short Film Corner at the Cannes Film Festival this year.

With the crew being strong female entourage alongside the producer Georgina French, 'What Happened to Evie' stars the likes of 2017 Drama Studio Graduate Bessie Coates, Sian Reeves, and Michael Jibson. Coates makes her debut leading role in playing the leading protagonist Evie. Sian Reeves is known for her roles in 'Mount Pleasant', 'Emmerdale' and a couple of shorts such as 'Muck' and 'Worst First Date'. Jibson is known for a couple of his cameo appearances in films 'Beauty and the Beast' and 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi', as well being in the Olivier Award-winning musical 'Hamilton', where he won the Best Supporting Actor in a Musical.

The cinematography to the trailer is strong with the deep blue cinematography, as it depicts of our assumptions of a possibility of a storyline surrounding a young school girl. Could it be about rape?  Or perhaps there's a little more to the story...? Already, the stunning short has won Best Short Script at both the UK Film Festival and the Care Awards 2017. Younghusband is a renowned writer who has seen her previous work screened at the prestigious film festivals across the world and has previously gained nominations for Best Director and Best Score for 'Smile'. 


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