Rising star Ejiro Okorodudu writes, directs and stars in her latest project “Wild In The Wind” under 55Media her home.

Beautifully crafted, “Wild In The Wind” is a silent visual that follows the mind of a young woman, who battles with her deepest throughout the day. It’s arguable to say that this short debut from Okorodudu deals with mental health, as the female protagonist deals with her psychological changes.


Not only has it been shot in 4k (thanks to Dennis Schimdt), but the visual art, jazz and contemporary dance were all Okorodudu’s inspiration. Such a short yt powerful and engaging short film makes her more than just a contender, but rather the next protegee in British cinema. Indeed, this isn’t your normal typical short film. However, this is the first (of many more to come) that has the potential to screen at prestigious international films festivals, leaving film critics and film lover in ore.

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