FIRST LOOK: ‘Witness’ – Sam Malley, Nisaro Karim & Liam Millard


Sheikh Shahnawaz is producing a new short film every month, and the recent new film stars Birmingham's Nisaro Karim and Sam Malley, who'll also be in short film 'Return of the Ring' by Abdulrahman Ugas.

Also starring among them is Liam Millard in Shahnawaz's thriller 'WITNESS'. A short scene where two crooks become indecisive as to what they must do to their captured victim, which in effect causes both of them to be on the divide between good and evil, no matter how ruthless the consequences may be.

It's basically a robbery gone wrong and things go sour. The short film alone can easily be pre-judged as a scene that is taken from a television show, as there's a level of slight tension and the awkward that'll make you wonder what will the hell would happen next. There's that eerie sense of suspense in the end too, living the viewer to comprehend what happened to the victim. The dark cinematography and the setting give us an intention that this short isn't mediocre British Gangster movies that we've seen, and Shahnawaz is beginning to develop a reputation that he can actually do both.

Why haven't we find this filmmaker before? We don't know, but we're not that far behind on his journey. Three years ago, Shahnawaz produced a short documentary called 'ISOLATION' and twisted thriller 'FRIEND REQUEST' that ranked up almost 900k views. We suggest that you should really check it out. Right now, we're thinking that Shahnawaz is experimenting with different genres with criminal thrillers being his current exploration. His last film 'Blackmail' stars Nisaro Karim as the targeted teacher who is given an ultimatum by a suspect who knows his dirty little secret.



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