‘Let It Out’ is me showing off my style as the versatile genre bending club music producer I am. Think of urban hard hitting affiliations, meets 4-to-the-floor club music” 

‘Let It Out’ follows from WNDR previous releases ‘Human’ and ‘Medicine’. 

With ‘Medicine’ receiving 3.85 million streams on Spotify, ‘Let It Out’ sets the upcoming ‘producer’s producer’ in the spotlight in the UK after featuring vocals from R&B Jordan King. The single is strong with its intuitive bass and electro-disco sonics. With Jordan King‘s golden vocals and WNDR off-this-planet production, it’s no wonder that this single is a club banger. Having already made himself popular in the Norwegian club circuit, the music geek is now setting himself on par with the biggest music makers in the world. And why shouldn’t he? Afterall, he’s already got 10,000 hours of work under his belt – since the age of 13!



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