When was it the last time that you ever seen a program such as this? Especially when it comes to the East Asian community in Britain? If you can’t answer the question than WE have got you an answer.

Director Chris Chung & Bruce Chong presents “Wok” a new fresh comedy set around a family run East Asian restaurant.


Wok” gives a new perception of British East Asian “taking you beyond the counter, through the doors and into the kitchen”. The audience will be given the chance to follow the Li family’s everyday trials, temptations and competitions in the local British East Asian industry. With a fresh cast Daphne Cheung, Wai Wong, Bruce Chong, Ricky Sharma, Stephanie Lewis, Kimberly Nguyen, Yennis Cheung, Zak Shukor, Christina Tam and Jonathan Chan.

We are already loving the trailer already, and it’s been getting loads of good feedback already after it’s official premiere at the London Picturehouse on the 25th May.


“Wok” will be available to stream on June 1st via digital and you can pre-order right now to get the new episodes first hand. 

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  1. […] “Wok TV” Bruce Chong is among the final cast of “The Real Target”, as well as Hong Kong singer Yang, who has gone on to appear in films such as “Skyfall”, “Death Race 4” and “CGIL”.  Andrian Bronin has recently appeared in new film “Doctor Strange”. PLUS Logan Wong aka Mr Xi in “Cuckoo”, will be starring as Falcon. Many of you would recognise Xue Zhang PhD  from television shows, and Shiraz Yasin is featured on the next Mummy feature films alongside Tom Cruise. […]


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