So the live shows begins tonight! But we can’t help but do a quick round up about the potential favourites from the show.

Don’t worry as this wouldn’t really take that long. We even predict who should return, since erm, they haven’t really announced anything.

Anywhoo, let’s begin.

Rita Ora’s Glamourous Girls

Kiera Weathers

This girl sang her all at the six chair challenge, with the Whitney Houston version of Dolly Parton’s classic “Will Always Love You”, that slim figure with such an epic powerful voice is such ah!

Then leading on to the judges houses, she gives a new take to the nineties dance anthem “(You Gotta) Show Me Love.”

Louisa Johnson

The baby if the bunch is Louisa, who’s be well known to attend many of the Soccer Six events. However, despite her young age (soon to become an adult) the love-child doppelgänger of Kendall Jenner has a strong voice that can make her a competitor.

Just think about how she sang Jennifer Hudson “I’m Telling You” from the “Dreamgirls” movie so effortlessly. Even if she doesn’t win the show, she’s secured her future…she can even make it in the States for sure.

Lauren Murray

Lauren Murray is another one who has had a few mishaps, but has learned and came back fighting. Giving a very impressive performance of one of Jess Glynne’s tracks.

Which is very parallel to the bubbly girl who always gets nervous. Don’t worry Lauren, you gat this.

Who should come back?

Well, Monica Michaels and Havva Rebke are two that need to return. Have Rebke’s voice is very unique that can make her very versatile in a very nowaday copycat music industry. There’s always a thirst of a very unique voice you know. However, both Michael and Rebke have come back fighting the second time after missing out the first time on the show. So it’s Rita’s call or the public (depending on how they’re going to do it).

Nick Grimshaw’s Bad Boys

Che Chesterman

Indeed, Che has defintely got some inspired soul in there. So we wouldn’t be surprised if his collection is full of Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye to modern day Maxwell. He even sounds more soulful than Sam Smith – but that depends on what people define as soul. Hitting them high notes, singing with emotion…what more can this dude bring to the now ‘soul-pop’ music he’s was talking about at his first audition?

Mason Noise

Mason has defintely got the ladies.

Despite his six chair challenge displayed a hidden diva inside of the aspiring singer that caused a spiral of media attention, Mason  was still second time lucky, but he’s got more to show with his new humble self. We just pray that he doesn’t show that side of him again. There’s professional way of dealing with criticism and it seems that he and Simon Cowell will be knocking heads as if Ali and Tyson are fighting again in the boxing ring. Other than that, the law of attraction is on this brother.

Seann Miley

Seann Miley coming from Australia is a big leap with a dude who has been always about his dream, if it’s one thing, he could be successful in England now (since they’ve cut X Factor from Australia apparently).

Who should come back?

Josh Daniels was one good contender who followed the same fate has Kerri Ann Covell last year (who he actually duet with). He has a beautiful tone of voice and he did female take of the smash it from Taylor Swift. It’s something if a singer can sing with emotion to the extent that he can literally make you cry.

Cheryl Versini-Fernandez’s Groupies

Alien Uncovered

Even though we prefer the old name, these six ladies are defintely fire 🔥. Who knows what the future holds for these ladies and whosoever is styling them is going to have lots of fun. Buzz is surrounding these chicas, who could possibly follow the same success as Little Mix & Spice Girls, the only two groups who’ve made it globally. Their fanbase is consistly growing all the time – and they’ve only been together for a whole year!

4th Impact

These four sisters have already developed a huge Asian following across the globe. Again, even though we’re like ‘meh’ with the name change, their passion, fashion and power voices had the, noticed. To come from another country to compete in one of the biggest shows is some dedication. Respect to the mother for all of her sacrifices. We’ve even noticed that Simon Cowell always smiles – because he likes them (dollar dollar bill y’all) 💰💷.

Reggie n Bollie

Reggie n Bollie will defintely bring the far to X Factor, since they seem to be very entertaining. Plus, they’ve already have three hits under their belt, which is a very good start for these Black Stars. We know how by week four things begin to crack as the competition starts becoming harder, with tougher themes. Will theor endurance for fun and interesting take on music, will leave them with a mark on X Factor?

Who should come back?

Bekln and…

New Kings Order


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