Yana Penrose is another bubbly yet hard working chick that was featured in R.M Moses film “Baddies” and has being gradually working her way up in both theatre and film. She’s already worked with some of the amazing new trailblazers that we’ve mentioned ‘over hurr’. Therefore, we say that she’s already in the fast lane.

We’re very humbled that she had an chat with us about her successes so far, as well as giving an insight  into who she is as a actress. Although she’s busy between the world of theatre and film, she is also a lovely friend that you can have a nice meal with too.  We’ve even challenged her to describe her personality as a film title.

The interview is available after the jump.

1. Yana Penrose. Is your name Yana, short of something?

Nope its just Yana! I wish it had an interesting story behind it, but my mum saw someone named Yana on TV and that was that! I’ve been told since that it actually means ‘Bear’. Charming.

2. It’s the first time that we’ve heard about you in R.M MOSES featured film “Baddies” BUT you’ve also appeared in, as you’ve worked with Olan Collardy in “Unveiling Maeva”, as well as “Broken Angel” and “E.D.D”

Yeah I graduated two years ago, so I’ve not been around too long but I’ve been very lucky to have worked with some really brilliant people.

3. Are you like Georgia in “Baddies”? If so how? If not, then tell us how you are completely different?

I think Georgia represents a lot of people. Those who have come out of university with a great degree and promise of success, but no job opportunities. I connect to that.


4. If you could describe your personality as a film title, what would you describe it? We’ll make it tricky by letting you pick a movie that has been released to the mainstream.

That’s a hard one isn’t it? I put it out to my friends, who found this hilarious and these are the responses I got; The Hills Have Eyes, Girl Interrupted, Bad Ass, The Fast And The Furious. To be honest, I think I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

5. One word to describe the Blame The Consumer Film Premiere. We also had so much fun! Feel free to reflect on the experience as well as working with the star of the making R.M Moses.

The premier was fun, it was lovely to be in such a supportive environment. Being surrounded by creative people fuels the fire in your bell and it made me excited for things to come. Working with Remi was an absolute pleasure, I seriously love him. I’m not sure I know anyone else with the work ethic or modesty that Remi has, and this is him at an early stage in his career. The sky is the limit for him, and I’m so proud.

Yana Penrose

6. Any exclusive updates about the film “Baddies”? Or is it the end of the project?

I guess you’ll have to talk to Remi about that!

7. What made you interested in acting? What was the one motivator that made you to go for it instead of another career path?

I guess it was always on my conscience without realising. It sounds a bit silly but whilst I was growing up, I didn’t know you could develop a career in Acting. I thought the people on TV had been just been really lucky and went straight to the top and I would have no chance. Then I went to college to study Law and Business. I lasted 3 days. I realised I had chosen this because I thought it would make me money. I wouldn’t be doing what makes happy and you can’t live your life like that. I know it sounds cliche but happiness is way more valuable than the number in your bank account, so I swapped to Performing Arts, got into drama school and that was that.

8. Apart from filming you’re also a fan of theatre and you performed at a stage play called “A Christmas Carol”. Any prospects of working at the West End in the future? Or do you want to just go straight into filming? 

Theatre is amazing. It exposes the actor in a way that the camera can’t. The discipline is much different, up to 12 shows a week is physically, mentally and vocally challenging and it can change every night you do it. I’ve seen a lot of great screen actors not do as well once they are live on stage.The auditions do come up for the West End, so hopefully it’s only a matter of time until they get bored of seeing me and just give me a part to shut me up! Though there are amazing theatres all over the country and its important that we support them, regional theatre is crucial for engagement in the arts and so is fringe. I’m about to do a show at the Manchester Royal Exchange and I’m so excited!! Though I don’t want to choose between theatre and film, I want it all!

9. Which of the four of R.M Moses’ films do wish to star in (excluding “Baddies”)?

I would love to be a Sapien. Not entirely sure what my power would be though. My heart does lie with my Baddies though, I’ll stay put if that’s okay.


10. Any exclusives on your next projects that you can tell us? We want to know!

I’m about to start rehearsals for The Ballad of Rudy which will be at the Manchester Royal Exchange from Dec 12th until January 4th. I’ll be acting, singing and playing my trumpet. Slightly different to the work in Baddies!

11. What’s your take on the rise of British Film Talent on homesoil? It seems that the biggest film institutions in this country are investing more money into the Film & Television industry; with many UK actors planning to develop here on our TV screens, before going to Hollywood.

British TV and cinema is really exciting at the moment, mainly due to the amount of people taking the industry by the balls and creating their own work instead of waiting. THATS the exciting part right there. I’ve always been told to develop your name and professional credits here before heading elsewhere, which is a good idea. There are less roles here, but much more competition in LA. Though many more big budget films are coming here to be made so the UK is gaining power and attention in that respect.

12. It’s rumoured that they planning to make an female squad of “Ocean’s Eleven”…

Who’s casting? I need to write them an email!

13. Who do you recommend that we should watch out for in the UK film industry? You can also add any film director, producer, screenwriter etc.

Remi, of course! Thea Gajic makes beautiful work. Tim Porter is another director and writer to watch out for and I better mention my friend Ben Lloyd Holmes writer, producer and actor who does absolutely amazing things too.

14. Finally, you can end this interview, highlighting how fans can found out about you.

You can reach me on Twitter/instagram at @YanaPenrose Its always being updated with what I’m up to 🙂


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