FIRST LOOK: ‘Yardie’ – Aml Ameen, Shantol Jackson, Stephen Graham, Fraser James, Sheldon Shepherd & Everaldo Creary


Once Idris Elba stated that he'll be making his directing debut, everyone was kept alert. As we all know, there was a huge shutdown for the casting of this film simply because of the interests surrounding the success Elba has in the film scene. 'Yardie' is his first directional debut that has a huge premiere at Sundance Festival this year. It has had a private premiere a couple weeks ago and it's the first time that the adapted novel by Victor Headley is brought to the silver screen.

For Idris Elba, it was important to promote the Jamaican culture and therefore the whole cast was new upcoming emerging talent from the community. Apart from Aml Ameen who is known to star in films such as 'Maze Runner', you also have the likes Shantol Jackson and Fraser James. Of course, the film is reminiscent of eighties' London. The film also has a strong emphasis on Jamaican culture, as the dialects of Patois and Creole is portrayed in the film in its full entirety.

At this moment no date has been confirmed yet in regard to its release.


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