Yiigaa released the ethereal eighties-soul influenced “Enigma” following the release of her second EP “Mist”.

Produced by J Strings, Yiigaa reveals that the song is about ‘…the idea turmoil in your head between the fact you love and care about someone but feel claustrophobic and need to be free.’ The stand-alone single has a mix of her own take on neo-soul singing the emphasis on self-love. The guitar rift from J Strings is catchy, reminiscent of the old-school soul classics. Yiigaa describes her sound as  ‘…neo-soul infused with a little hi-fi to create old school vibes with a modern twist’ after being brought up around the genres of reggae, traditional African Folk, and R&B. The track is full of warmth and confidence. The singer had an EP Launch show last year and performed at ILUVLIVE. We don’t know about you but there’s something about the ‘good-luck’ singer that breathes more than the spirit of positivity.


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