NEW!!! Young Tiger – Give It Up


Danish duo Young Tiger present their music video for their track “Give It Up”.

Consisting of songwriter and singer Emma Grankvist and producer Rasmus Søegren, the single is polished with synth-pop melodies and Grankvist bold but soothing vocals. The accompanied music video is shot at the shores of what seems to be there homeland, with a DIY-feeled videography that consist with those ‘YASSSS’ shots, like Grankvist with her statement puffed jacket.

The music video itself is very natural with an environmental storyline. Although, you can still have a sense that there’s a storyline that’s behind it happening. Both of them reveal that the song is about “…their own experiences in the past few years…” and their (us paraphrasing) their “…split and confusion by love and relations…” in their personal lives.


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