Whether it's Shea Moisture changing its demographic or Dove being justifying the moves for their advert, the perceptions of beauty and Black women is so paramount and always in the discussion, with HAIR being one prevalent and an ongoing issue.


Whether you're an African-American, Black British or native African...Black women are the highest consumers when it comes to hair and there's NO denial of this (as there are receipts to demonstrate the fact). However, the issue comes in terms of intellectual property and economic ownership of the industry; the two components that have influenced the indirect offenses made in advertising and marketing of Black hair care as well as the lack of wealth. In fact, these two components explain everything relatable to Black culture. Whether it's music, fashion, and entertainment.

Looking on the bright side, promising documentary filmmaker Ndrika Anyika has become one of our new gems with this debut showcasing and celebrating the Black British women who are changing the game in her first film documentary project 'YOUNG, GIFTED AND GRINDING: Black Female Entrepreneurs Turning Passion to Profit.' The brilliant documentary brings all of the endless blog posts and conversations into one place. Based on the Black British experience, Anyika has worked diligently in delivering facts and figures about Black consumption and the beauty industry, as well as featuring the new generation of budding entrepreneurs that are taking the first step in building wealth. The people featured in the documentary are frank and honest about being an entrepreneur, including wise words from social media influencer Freddie Harrel.

The timing of placing our sorrows of another offensive advert and marketing is long overdue, and Anyika has made the first move to turn the common talk into action. We strongly suggest her to do a male equivalent to this documentary as this will change the game and add promotion and support. For now, Anyika is placing herself in the right plight.

The big companies can be left alone with their controversial advertising. What the community got in this new circle is something that needs to be supported financially by the community within.



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