These rap/pop rockers are hitting the road once again with their headline tour taking place next year in 2018 in association with Live Nation.

The boys have recently released the official music video for ‘Exposure’ which consists of an indie-rock. rap sound that’ll take your adrenaline to overload. You’ll do nothing other than to JUMP, nod your head and give a two-finger peace sign when you hear these boys…

The new single is a follow up from their debut ‘What I Gotta Do‘ accompanied with guitar riffs, Y.O.U.N.G are set to rock that five UK dates next year. ‘Exposure’ has already seen itself being featured on John Kennedy’s ‘Exposure’ show on Radio X and are seeking to paint the towns in aggressive technicolor. Ben James is the leading MC, Chez Davis is the vocalist, guitarist, James Skehan also does the guitar/production, Tom Whitehead id does the bass whilst Graeme Smith is the drummer.

James describes their new single as

…outing those who need to be outed. Everybody encounters liars, cheats and blaggers in their life who deserve to be exposed. In essence ‘Exposure’ is a final word to anyone who deserves not to be in your life.”


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