Amazon continues making inroads into original programming with Zoe, a melancholy sci fi romance from Like Crazy director Drake Doremus. The film centers on computer programme that is able to boil down couples’ romantic compatibility to a percentage, with the intent that this knowledge will allow these prospective lovers to make an informed decision about their relationship and minimise potential for heartbreak down the line. Ewan Mcgregor plays the inventor of this technology, who has also pioneered a “synthetic”, played by Theo James, a perfect, perpetually devoted robot lover available to anyone sick of the messy, complex world of “real” human emotions. Leah Seydoux plays Mcgregor’s partner, the eponymous Zoe, who is also involved in the industry of scientifically quantifying love - a combination that bodes poorly for the success of her own relationship. Like Spike Jonze’s Her, the sci-fi trappings of Zoe are minimal and the world is recognisably ours. Zoe’s themes of love in the digital age are undoubtedly relevant in an era where websites like “E-harmony are promising an apocalypticend of dating” in favour of a complicated array of formulas that will match people together.

Zoe is available to stream on Amazon Prime now.


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