About us

Who Are We?

The platform that seeks to talk about New Music and the stars of tomorrow from the grassroots. Sure, it’s easy to seek out trends and the major stars that are invading the planet, but the talk of the millennia¬†is the emerging talent coming from the underground in music and entertainment.

What makes us different is the fact that we seek out talent and provide continuous¬†support once discovered. Providing content that keeps you (the reader) in the know on the latest news and updates in terms of their releases, coverage, and events. You may not know these stars yet, but we believe that in the next few years they’ll become mega.

Since launching in the site in 2016 and establishing the company after a meal at Nandos in 2011, the website receives approximately 50k weekly hits. We’ve had the privilege to see artists such as Isaiah Dreads, Mic Lowry and film talent such as Thea Gajic, R.M Moses from the UK to rise from being the upcoming talent to becoming the most talked about stars of tomorrow. Not only do we receive readers from the UK, we also gain international viewership. Therefore, if you’re bored with the status quo and want to know about new talent and fresh stuff, then you’ve come to the right place.