The best-selling novel of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is already getting a first mainstream movie starring the likes of Brad Pitt and Lupita Nyongo (according to reports), but director and actor Uche Aguh and his media brand 55 Media presents there innovative concept to the literature material.

‘Americanah’ follows the life of Ifemelu (Isio Esiekpe), a young African who was unapologetic-raised in Lagos. She had everything going for her, as she was young in love…until her long distance relationship is challenged after migrating to America. Not only that, her identity becomes questionable after being categorised as a Black American.

Once again, business partner Dennis Schmitz produces another epic cinematography. Already Aguh and Schmitz has become an unstoppable duo, who has seen the success of movies ‘Sambisa’ and ‘I Still Do’ across international film festivals, and there’s no signs that 55 Media is slowly down, and with this concept trailer will get them noticed.




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