WOW. What a turn out.

We did say prior that his premiere for Black History Month was going to be a sellout, marking his next pivotal chapter as a filmmaker. As you know, we've been a lover of RM Moses and his self-funded film premieres from day one, but this premiere was somewhat different.

The house was filled with new faces, who have just bounced on the works of Mr Moses a year ago. Familiar faces such as Tom Moutchi, Arnold Jorge and BKChat Creator Andy Amadi were quietly in attendance, as well as other creatives such as Josh Bridge, Andre Pierre, Duaine Carma Roberts and Fully Focused Co-Founder Teddy Nygh, the 600 seats were a breaking cracker because both of Remi's new shorts celebrated the wonders of Black love, sisterhood and brotherhood.

'The Pride of Lions' and 'The Pack of Wolves' were packed with a new gen lineup of talent. Starring in the film was 'Heels Off' Rita B, who (if you're not aware) has a strong portfolio in acting. Lauryn Marshall, CJ Beckford, Leo Watson-Roberts, Ben Sarpong, Tamzin Murray...the hard work that went into these films is reflective on current events and themes that continue to remain prevalent in the community. Both films "exceeded all expectations."  However, when asking the attendees which short they preferred, there were divided opinions as to which everyone brought their own preference knowing that all of the work that Moses does always get bette

It's would be the first time that an all Black male cast were doing more than just running the streets in Moses' male equivalent 'Pack of Wolves'. Firstly, the cinematography was clever, as it was cooler with the colour palette shades of blue. Secondly, the characters in the film were a group of males all having a great time and sharing a strong bond of friendship. In a time where Black masculinity is deemed as threatening at a glance, 'Pack of Wolves' showed the burning fire that's within every Black man. The issue of Black fatherhood was one of the many themes that have been explored both outside the community without remorse and within the community with reconciliation, with the underlying message about the importance of having strong male-figures as fathers and leaders, as well as starting afresh regardless of your past. A man can determine his future by being a better father to his children. With this, these two films are both in sync with each other. Similar to Wretch 32's 'His & Her Perspectives' from his new album 'FR32'. Finally, the love between the main couple, regardless of the flaws, is complete.

Apart from these two films getting an exclusive stud premiere screening, downstairs saw an art exhibition from the proteges of the new British Black Art. Artists who were given their shine include Dazhane Leah, Raman Aso, Sharyn MurrayCondray Calvin Mlilo and Joshua R. Drakes. Individually, their artwork were stunners. Leah's artwork is a mix of fashion pop culture. Showing the more instinct diversity within the Black race. Artist/Illustrator Raman Aso's artwork uses the traditional paintbrush on canvas. Despite having two, both art pieces were winners. Condray Calvin Mlilo slick fashion photography brings out the personality of each person and situates a certain theme. His work has been used in Slink, Fault and Fashiz Black Magazines, but for Black History Month, he wanted to do something special.

Speaking to R.M Moses, the filmmaker has hinted that next year will be about his first feature film 'Runaway Sparks'. Already, the casting and the mood board for this film has been completed and the diligent filmmaker is ready to go, but for now, after this, he tells us that  "...having a break for a bit."



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