It looks official, these girls are now part of the Island Records family!

Nevertheless, their party single ‘My Yute’ brings about their next single ‘See Through All The Colours’, taken from their new EP of the same name. The EP also features their debut ‘Venom’ also, with other new tracks that’ll hopefully go on there, which Island Records exclusively did have on their Soundcloud. Being in the same books of Angel and JP Cooper is only just the beginning for the sister-sister duo who produce their own tracks and started out doing Youtube covers. Their heritage means that you’ll be going to expect party tunes as seen with ‘My Yute,’ giving a sprinkle of their pop and R&B influences.

What can we say? Firstly congratulations to these ladies, and secondly (addressing the viewers) we told you so; as they are now on the verge of being an emerging act that’ll be invading pop.

‘See Through All The Colours’ is available to stream/purchase now across all digital platforms.


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