The first single from her album ‘Rest’ has an eerie ‘Lying With You’. On the first instance, once hearing the beat, you have a dark tempo, as you watch the parallelism of the Gainsbourg and her as an adult, whilst the same time, the elevation of Gainsbourg’s voice combining both French and English in the song makes this track beautiful.

Filmed in her late father’s (Serg Gainsbourg)‘s home the music video plays on the fragility of childhood and losses of adulthood. It continues the singers series of self-direction her own music videos ‘*Rest,” “Deadly Valentine,” and “Ring a Ring ‘O Roses.” Gainsbourg isn’t shy about her insecurities. She reimagines the death of her of the father in his still intact home that hasn’t been touched. The video is a mixture of horror and a fantasy.  We get to feel the interests of the father such as heirlooms, old photographs, a giant preserved spider, a faceless figure and a static TV. Seeing Gainsbourg topless was at somewhat uncomfortable, yet as the video progress, we get to see the singer become very comfortable with adult self against her childhood innocence.

‘Rest’ is part of Gainsbourg return in seven years. She has brought the right stops with her avant-garde electro-pop sound that sees her in the forefront of her own work.


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