British has just got it’s FIRST OFFICIAL adult animation show called “Degree”, following the lives of four friends who are studying at university.

NWD gained exclusive preview access earlier this week and you will not be disappointed. The best part for this new show? It showcases the diversity of Britain through the main characters Samuel, Gary, Aleem and Scott.

The second best part? It’s made by homegrown animator Peter Lay under his own production company Lay Studios. MEANING, that he has just started a new movement that will allow more animators to explore the world of cartoon for a mature audience in the UK, this would also equal new opportunities. Afterall, most of us watch shows such as “The Simpsons”, “Family Guy”, “The Cleveland Show”, “Boondocks” and “South Park”.

These four fellows (Scott, Samuel, Aleem & Gary) are still maturing, as they try to make sense of the crazy situations in which they find themselves in.

Want to see how they get on? Well, you can catch the first episode THIS SUNDAY on the show’s official Youtube Channel. 

ALSO, KEEP YOUR EYE OUT for our #NWDTalks with Peter Lay himself. Trust us, you don’t want to miss it.


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