It’s a “Made In Chelsea” & “Scream” affair with horror “Fox Trap” and just in time for Halloween.

8 years ago, a horrible prank went badly wrong among a group of girls.  The group responsible for the incident have been specially invited to a remote location a few years later for an exquisite reunion, only to find out that one by one, they’re being tormented by a eerie vengeful masked pscyho.

Jamie Weston directs with a strong cast, Becky Fletcher has starred in films “Lucifer’s Night” and “Deadly Waters”; with “Fifty Shades of Elise” and “Attic” now in post-production for their release in 2017. Australian beauty and DJ Kate Greer makes her second acting debut since “7 Storeys Down”. Julian Eringer, who once cast as Amy in “Amy Winehouse: Fallen Star” (by Jason Boritz and Rose Berkman), stars alongside previous Nickelodeon “House of Anubis” teen actor Alex Sawyer. There’s also Therica Wilson-Read (“Fred” ,”Sinners”), Richard Summers-Calvert (“David & Goalith”, “Fred”), Klariza Clayton (“Skins”, “House of Anubis”), Charlene Cooper (“Deadly Waters”), Carey Thring (“Seize The Night”, Journey 17″), Tara MacGowran and Georgina Dugdale.

Distributed under 4 Digital Media, “Fox Trap” will be released in 2017.


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