Premiered on new girls across the music and media industries take part  in G-star Raw society campaign.

Mercedes Benson, Yinka Bokinni, Jyoty Singh, Jade Avia, Lola Coca, Delilah, Fabienne Hebrad, Amira McCarthy, Coral Kwayie and Alya Mooro are just the few influencers that are shaking up the music and fashion scene. Featuring music from the emerging trap R&B singer Gabi’el.

Ladies and gentlemen, G-Staw Raw presents the new female clique that are ready for world domination. Fashion styling was done by the ever demanding stylist Ayishat Akinabi & Neesha Sharma and shot by Sophie Jones aka Sophography London. Also, behind the style, creativity and feel of the campaign we have the likes of Brianna Fryer (Assistant Stylist), make-up artistes Grace Vee & Haley Miles and hair stylists Moe Mukai & Regina Meessen.

These girls don’t only represent the diversity that is seen in Britain, but also represents a new found sisterhood of ladies, who are ready to take on the world, whatever their craft.


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