Pop Up Africa have joined forces with Do It Now Now (DINN) to present Hashtag African Food; a panel and African Foodtprenuer showcase, bringing together the innovators and key influencers on the UK’s African Food scene.

Together with its carefully selected panel, Pop Up Africa and DINN will be exploring how social media is being used to create a community of savvy African foodies as well as exploring the impact of social media on the growing interest in African food in an international market.

Jessica Laditan of Pop Up Africa said ‘Technology, particularly social media is giving Africa a new voice one that’s innovative and painting its own picture of Africa, it’s fashion, tourism and cuisine. This voice is slowly influencing the language being used to describe Africa. No longer when referring to African food are we only referring to the lack of it but through social media non Africans are more aware of the various dishes from Jellof to injera and African chefs, bloggers and vloggers are using it to raise their profile and share ideas.’

The panel (who will be announced closer to the date) is to include foodies, noted for making an impact on the African food scene back home or in the diaspora. This event will be taking place at Facebook London’s HQ.

To attend please head to the Eventbrite page to register HERE or join the conversation on Twitter #AfricanFoodDialogues Tuesday 29th November 6:30pm -9pm.


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