Finally, the anticipated beautiful drama by Olan Collardy has returned to the “Brothers With No Game”¬†Youtube channel, and this time, it’s Damien that is looking for answers.

We all know after the last series that Imani is still “Caught Up” (Usher), “Stuck* (Stacie Orrico) and hunged up over Dewale, giving Damien the suspicion that his girl still hasn’t got over him. This leads to Damien confronting both of them.

Kamara Bucchus, Stephen Boyce and Michael Gyekye return to their recurring roles as Imani, Dewale and Damien. Judging by the trailer, season two seems to get more confrontational about Imani & Dewale; as things get a little more awkward and uncomfortable with their complicated relationship.

What’s next for Imani & Dewale? Should they get back together and stop beating around the bush? What about Damien? Should he move on to another girl?

We just have to wait until October.


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