From old school rap groups such as Ruff Ryders, Bad Boys, Death Row to UK’s Heartless Crew, So Solid Crew as well as current collectives Section Boyz, Splurge Boys &¬†Play Dirty (Krept, Konan, DJ Doctor Cosmic & Yungen) have always been in music scene. But as of right now, everyone’s talking about South London’s 67.

The guys have a bond that only they can understand. It’s deeper than friendship, but just as tight as a family. They may not be a talkative bunch, but they are very sure about who they are and their music, which represents the streets in the most rawest form we’ve ever seen.

The four members that chatted to us (Dimzy 67, Monkey 67, LD 67 and Liquez 67), gave us an insight into their humble beginnings before becoming 67, as well as their thoughts of the current surge of urban music that is taking over Britain thanks to Grime through trailblazers such as Skepta & Kano, who both have taken the genre to a whole international level.

It may have gone a little debatable, but there’s more to these fellas than just being Grime artists, as each member have their own individual personality.

To find out their unique personalities, check out the interview after the jump.

1. Do you all have to say 67 all the time next your name?

Monkey 67: If we’re 67, we’re 67. You get me.

2. So what inspired you to come together as a musical collective?

LD 67:¬†I’ve known Monkey, Dimzey. and Liquez for all my life. We’ve always been around each other.

3. Obviously being a new music collective, you’re going to get comparisons; as people are going to compare you like Section Boyz, Splurge Boyz. What makes you different from other music rap collectives that are big right now?

Monkey 67: Alone, we’re different. It’s raw, it’s extravangant…you can never get music like this anywhere else.

Dimzy 67: We’re out here. Doing stuff.

4. What is it with this Chicago Drill sound that has inspired your music? Or has it the scene changed when your started to pursue music?

LD 67: For me it stopped inspiring my music a long time ago. 

Monkey 67: Man stopped listening to Chicago music.

LD 67: We’ve spent six months on it like. Yeah you may here this tune here and there if it’s a good tune, but I don’t actually listen to it on my phone.¬†

b) So Chicago Drill, is not inspiring your music. What made you stop using it?

Monkey 67: Drill stopped. How Chicago used to be back in the day yeah…it’s not how it is.

Dimzy 67: It’s like everyone’s…you’ll know what I mean?

Monkey 67: It’s just like here as well with Grime, it’s like everyone wants to jump on it. Everyone wants to do same little flow, same little this…everyone sounds the same.

Dimzy 67: It was unique at the time as well, so it was kind of different to our ears at the time, but now ir’s kind of everywhere.

5. So do you think that there’s an issue or a fear that Grime might get little commercialised, as to what happen with the likes of for example, Hip Hop?

LD 67: If that’s going to happen then the whole world has to take on Grime first. So…I don’t know.

6. Is Leeks 67 always the quiet one?

LD 67: He thinks he’s the quiet one.

Liquez 67: If you ask me something personally, then I’ll answer.

LD 67: That’s why we call him ???

7. If Liquez 67 is ???, then who’s the loudest one out of you guys?

LD 67 & Dimzy 67: MONKEY!!!

Monkey 67: (laughs)

LD 67: Monkey’s the guys that will shout out “HEY!” ¬†in the West End loud, ¬†trying to get someone’s attention. He’s the mad one, the loud one.

8. What are your thoughts about the current scene now? Skepta is getting recognised and he’s also the nominees for this year’s Mercury Prize. However, away from the public eye, he’s not a new artist to many . Similary with Craig David, who many think that’s he’s new, while many of us recognise him from his early days with Artful Dodger…and we can’t forget Kano.¬†

Dimzy 67: If they say new, they probably mean ‘new into the industry’.¬†

Monkey 67: I’d say new like ‘new worldwide’, if you know what I mean

b) In other words, they’re getting their worldwide recognition.¬†

Monkey 67: Like, they’re starting to branch out.

So what are your thoughts about the current Grime/Homegrown scene now then?

LD 67: It’s in a good place. It’s in a perfect place to be honest, but I don’t know…because I don’t really look at us as Grime. Other people may look at us as Grime. Some people say we’re Drill artists, others will say that we’re Trap artists. We’re just 67.

9. Let’s talk about your upcoming material “Lets Lurk”. Please give us insights into the new material and what can fans and music lovers expect. Any ¬†featured collaborations?

Monkey 67: “Let’s Lurk” is out on the 9th September on itunes, Spotify, Google Play…all digital stores and¬†yeah, lurk is just lurkism like we said.

LD 67: Taking you from journey to journey from journey to journey. 

10. For those who don’t know, what does the word “Lurk” mean?

LD 67: We’re ‘lurking’, we’re everywhere,…like ‘let’s lurk’, let’s sort of everywhere. Let’s take it there.

Monkey 67: It’s like a “Street Skengs We Trust”.¬†

11. Okay then. So, describe music in three words.

Liquez 67: Life…

Dimzy 67: Fun…

LD 67: Grubby…but you don’t know what that means.

Monkey 67: No…grubby as in raw.

12. In terms of your music and sound, who has been your influences whilst growing up or right now?

Monkey 67: To be honest yeah, I listen to alot of music….

Dimzy 67: Yeah, it’s about how you feel at the time.

Monkey 67:…I could listen to Future today, Rich the Kid tomorrow, some next guy today… it’s not about what’s popping.¬†

Dimzy 67: It’s about what relate today, what relates to them.

LD 67: It’s the same really ¬†music dictionary is really big. I don’t just listen to rap as well, I listen to like…anything. The beat catches me and I listen to it.¬†

Monkey 67: I listen to Afro – man’s listens to that as well…even Rihanna and that.

13. You guys listen to Rihanna? How do you feel of her winning MTV’s Michael Jackson Vaguard Award at this year’s VMAs?

LD 67: She did well man, wish I could have been there man.

a) Did you guys attend her tour? We hear that she had a UK gig or something…

67 Nah.

b) Did you wish that you went?…

LD 67: Not really. 

You want her right here, right now; in the studio making music…

LD 67: Basically, you know.

Dimzy 67: Right right.

14. Finally as well, how can people find out about you guys?

Twitter @Official6ix7, Instagram and Snapchat: official 6ix7,

14. Any last words?

Monkey 67: Free the mandem.

Dimzy 67: Keep your head up because we’re doing it for you lot.

LD 67: Yeah, free all of the guys really.

Liquez 67: ???

“Lets Lurk” is available to purchase via all digital stores.¬†Below is the official statement regarding 67 Tour postponed:

“We have been working tirelessly to provide new music and we have been excited to perform it to people throughout the country that have supported us throughout and to those that haven‚Äôt had the chance to see and hear us before.

Please be assured that we are doing all we can to reschedule any dates that have currently been postponed, which include London, Manchester and Brighton and thank you for all of the continued support, not only for us, but for everyone that is out here trying to do this thing professionally and properly”