Zayn Malik is the cover face for the 13th issue for High Snobiety Magazine.

There’s no deny that we’ve seen this chap grown in strength with his new solo career this year, with a UK number one album and a mega icon internationally. Therefore, High Snobiety was right to cast this mysterious chap as their official cover boy (casting credits go to Anissa Payne).

The quick short fashion film is allowing fans to gain insight into the new life of Malik, as he discusses everything music, fashion and lifestyle. Directed by Robert Wunsch at his Wunsch Studio, this visual is very subtle yet questionable with mystery. We’ve seen Zayn Malik‘s style transition and wears more of the menswear fashion by Chantal Drywa, with the special effects coming from Modest Department.

Who really is Zayn Malik? Well, you have purchase their new issue to find out.


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