Robert Sheenan (‘Misfits’, ‘The Mortal Instruments’, ‘Moonwalker‘) and Sofia Boutella (‘Street Dance 2’, ‘Star Trek and Beyond’, ‘The Mummy’) are back in indie action film  ‘Jet Trash’ alongside Osy Ikhile (‘Childhood’s End’, ‘The Legend of Tarzan’) and Craig Parkinson.

The fast action thriller, sees Ikhile and Sheehan as Sol and Lee, partners-in-crime who are living the scandalous life of party, sex and drugs at a beach hideout in Southern India. Things get a little complicated when Lee’s ex turns up…as well as killing a holy cow, that is sacred on the island. All of a sudden, the boys are bombarded with the island’s crooked cops, notorious gangsters, and check this — mystic powers.

Charles Henri Belleville directs this movie, with ‘The Blue Mauritius’ now currently in pre-production for 2017. The writers of this movie are Dan M Brown and Simon Lewis.

After getting high praise at the Edinburgh Film Festival, ‘Jet Trash’ is having a SPECIAL RELEASE TODAY at selected VUE cinemas across the UK, including the Islington, Stratford City, Cardiff, Manchester and Leeds. So don’t feel bad if you missed the premiere! 


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