Next on our hotlist is US export Max Marshall,who is sticking to the roots of R&B soul that was once an acclaim in the 90s. Now, the lady wants to be a trailblazer of bringing the  ‘smooth groove’ back.

Having rubbed shoulders with the likes of disco legends Earth, Wind and Fire, Ashford & Simpson and breakthrough risk take Lady Gaga (yes, Marshall made her a hair piano sculpture) Max Marshall has interwined her musical as well as fashion interests into her style and material. Make no mistake about it people, the talent songstress is also an fashion enthusiast and has worked for French couture designer Charlie Le Mindu. Nevertheless, her potential hasn’t gone unnoticed after her collaboration with duo Matrix & Futurebound’s on ‘Control’.

Her vocals earned them a entry at number seven on the UK single. Even, Idol Magazine, The Guardian and BBC have credited her as the next big thing.

Now with Fudge Records, the singer pursues to develop an identity of her own. No collaborations; just her, her voice and her music. She’s been doing this since she was 18. Therefore for her, there’s no looking back now. Her sights are the heavily skies..


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