Bristol based rapper, Elliot Junior is the next big artist to come from his hometown. He spent his early childhood taking influences from Tupac, Biggie, and Chris Brown as well as more contemporary artists including Migos, Bryson Tiller and C-Biz which reflects in his music.

Elliot Jr has already had an impact on Bristol’s music scene as he features on Simz City TV, including a cover of The Weeknd’s hit track Often and Bryson Tiller‘s Don’t. As a result of this, Elliot quickly gained the attention of Bristol rap legend, Horaine ‘K*ners’ Ferguson, who promptly signed him to K-Star a platform to showcase talent which is often not seen by the major London record deals.

In a recent interview, Elliot said

“I want to be the best I can be.”

The best is what he will most definitely achieve if he keeps grinding. Elliot is already making material for his debut album, keep your eyes peeled.

Follow Elliot Jr below:
Twitter: @Elliotjr_
Instagram: @Elliotjr_


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