It’s all about girl power at this Roundhouse Rising event on the Saturday 15th October, and you’ve been given the golden ticket of opportunity to learn from the likes of Claire Southwick (Primitive Management), Theresa Adebiyi (Ninja Tune / Big Dada), Sarah Liversedge (Bucks Music) and Jane Beese (Head of Music, Roundhouse).

That’s right people, Roundhouse Rising is back. With a series of events that’ll be running between 2016/2017. This is among the first to celebrate the contribution of women in music. It’s also a great opportunity to learn from the best, if you have career aspirations of working in the music industry.

It also happens to be PRS Foundation’s Women Make Music funding, where you can find out about their funding programme that helps supports female musicians.

Tickets are available to purchase now, so grab this opportunity while you can!

This is highlights from earlier this year


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