Laika entertainment the film studio that have brought us such stop motion hits as Coraline, ParaNorman and The Boxtrolls, have teamed up again with Focus Features on their latest stop motion feature film, Kubo and the Two Strings taking a more historic and mythical Japan route via animation. A unique mix but one we think has paid off

The Film tells the story of Kubo, voiced by Games of Thrones’ Rickon Stark, Art Parkinson, a young boy living in ancient Japan, brings to life a who tells his fellow villagers using magic that brings origami of monsters and gods to life. He often tells the story of Hanzo,a samurai warrior, who is Kubo’s missing father. When monsters and gods are brought to life by the evil Sisters, Kubo’s aunts, and the Moon King, his grandfather, his ill mother sends him away using a magical beetle crest on his robe, giving him wings and forcing him to fly away to safety. She tells him he must find his fathers magical armour to lori text himself from the spirits.

He wakes up in a blizzard and meets a monkey who says she is called Monkey. In fact, she was a little wooden charm given to Kubo by his mother, who has been brought to life by her magic. Monkey is to help Kubo recover his fathers armour. Along the way they meet Beetle, a samurai who has been cursed in the form of a beetle like human with no memories of his past, although he does claim to be a former apprentice of Kubo’s father.

Expect to hear the likes of Matthew McConaughey voicing Beetle, Charlize Therones as the voice of Monkey, and Ralph Fiennes as the Moon King.

This story sounds extremely fascinating and with Laika teaming up with Focus Features, a distribution company who always release excellent drama, Kubo and the Two Strings definetly makes for an interesting collaboration. Also, Matthew Mcconaughey voicing a samurai? You’ve got to see it to believe it!

Kubo and the Two Strings is out now in UK cinemas.


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