We are loving the creative sound from Terrence Orlando, an East London singer, songwriter and musician. Who has cleverly bought his own sound by a inter-eclectic mix of R&B, Hip Hop, Garage and Drum & Bass against his honest raw vocals.

Sharing a little similarity with the legendary The Streets, Orlando spins it by having a singing rhythm with his songs. Which has been cleverly done, for example his first track “Wish You Were Me?” is a mix of Garage and Hip Hop. With One50’s Rageouz bringing it with the lyrics (as always) and Intervene producing the track. Before going into “Run For Your Life” produced by Title and onto the heavy Drum & Bass final track “Be Who You Wanna Be“. Indeed Terrence Orlando plans to be himself which also means DIFFERENT, and you know what, he’s doing right, in the right way because he is being true to the music and true to what runs inside of him. Watch out folks, there’s more to come is so clear this is only a teaser for future bangers.




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