With ‘Haze‘ reaching 70k streams, Fabian Secon releases and alternative R&B/Hip-Hop record.

‘Blood Kisses’ is dark with a heavy bassline that makes this track more of Punk Trap.  This raises the question as to whether Secon has indirectly developed a new genre, knowing that the singer has an alternative R&BHip-Hopp and Rock sound.

”’Blood Kisses’ has an aggressive feel to it with heavy bass to go alongside the sensual lyrics. It’s something a bit different—I call it punk trap.” – Fabian Secon

Alongside the heavy bass is the light melody that contrasts with the beat making the track mysterious and eerie.It hasn’t been long after being featured on Kai-A’s track ‘Five 45 A.M’.  It’s his fourth standalone single alongside ‘Defeated’, ‘Teenage Love’ and (of course)’Haze.’ He released his second EP ‘Until We Meet Again’ in strong collaboration with  5iveBeats. 



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