Georgia Neath is the star girl in “Cleo’s Choice”.  

This is it (her acting). She’s going out her way to get it. She has it all calculated in her mind, as well as stamped on her wall in her bedroom.

Neath has already gain huge experience in working in theatre, but wants to continue pursuing on-screen roles. “Bait” and “Queen of The Forest” are just a few of her on-screen roles that she’s been recognised for, but Cleo’s Choice is one film that has her working with other host amazing talent who are placing the Midlands ON. THE. MAP.

We chat to the lass on her career so far. Plus, she even puts her take on how shows such as “Peaky Blinders” have brought light to the Midlands in terms of talent. Not only that, she sets out her next moves as to who she wants to work with after Roberts.

It’s another interview once again with the one of the many platforms that celebrates the hard work with new talent.

There’s more to Ms Neath than just her pretty face.

interview after the jump.

1. Georgia Neath, first major debut in “Cleo’s Choice”. Any further comments about this latest achievement as you make the right moves towards your acting career?

I am very proud to be a part of ‘Cleo’s Choice’; I had the privilege to work with a very professional and passionate cast and director. I approach each project I am part of with dedication and professionalism, which are important for my own personal values and expectations of myself, as well as being important to the overall finished project. ‘Cleo’s Choice’ is another step in the right direction for moulding my career, it excites me so much!

2. Last year, you were featured in movie “Queen of the Forest” by Benedict Sampays; in addition to movies such as “Bailey’s Fairytale” and “Bait”. However, your background is predominately in theatre. Is acting in films your new find path that you want to pursue for your future career? Or are you still open-minded about the world of theatre?

When I auditioned for my first on-screen role of Keeley in ‘BAIT’. I honestly had no idea what I was letting myself in for. All that I was positive about was the fact that I wanted to act and seek every opportunity to do so. I was unleashed into a whole new perspective on acting, the difference between on-screen and theatre is so different. I have a bigger drive right now to pursue on-screen roles, as I feel I’ve only just had a taste of what’s to come. I would never turn my back on a theatre role though,  it is so much fun.

3. Reflect on working with Duaine Carma Roberts on this drama film.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time whilst working with Duaine. I knew we would get on well as soon as I could see his passion as he spoke about ‘Cleo’s Choice’. For me to fully believe in my role and who I’m working with, passion just has to be a mutual agreement. Also, Duaine was so open to discussing with actors throughout filming (e.g. If we felt something should be different for our characters, whether that being dialogue or movement). For him to happily communicate like that is going to achieve the best outcome. It was honestly such a pleasure to work with him and I love what we have all created.

4. Describe your personality as a major film title that’ll get you that MTV Movie Awards nomination.

My values for myself on staying humble and genuine are so important and I want it to reflect through my reel and real persona… no matter what role I play. I want to be a likeable person and I pride myself on staying grounded. ‘Grounded’ would be a great film title, edgy and ambiguous! I like that for a film!

5. This next question is an opportunity to evaluate your acting career so far. Please feel free to give your personal aspirations, admirations as well as your fears, goals and dreams. It’s great for us to see your desires as well as you to reminisce on your funny yet greatest achievements.

I have learnt so much from each set I have been on and continue to do so, whether that is main role or not. Every part is valuable and I have so much respect for every single part of a cast/crew. I am a big lover of practise rather than study, so I do not regret my decision to not attend a drama school right now. I want to keep within the real world, living and working with working class people, which I feel can be easily lost throughout the process of drama school. That doesn’t mean I don’t think I need to develop more as an actor because of course I do –all the time.

I do attend workshops and seminars, which still allow me to learn about the industry as well as develop. I know I still have a long way to go but I am so excited for my journey.

As for goals, well I have the same image as my phone wallpaper, laptop wallpaper and pinned up in my room which focuses my drive every day. I will let you know what that is when I get there and see it with my own eyes. It just reminds me what I am working and pushing for. I have grown up so much even just within the last year and I have grown to not live in fear anymore. Fear can stop you achieving so much and life is way too short for that.

6. The Midlands has great potential, as shows such as “Peaky Blinders” are filmed around that region. Do you think that the region can deliver the same amount of potential of gritty content in film & television as well as ground-breaking actors and actresses seen in London? In other words, is there a hidden goal to create the Midlands the creative hub apart from London?

I love the idea that the Midlands is kind of ‘up and coming’ in the industry, and I think ‘Peaky Blinders’ has definitely helped with that. I have a great admiration for the show, the cast and crew are extremely talented to say the least. Steven Knight is a great writer, I am just craving a chance to have a part within the next two seasons which have just been commissioned, being local gives me an advantage!

There is plenty of talent in the Midlands and I believe 100% that the region could produce an equal level of gritty content to London. I think it is important to spread further afield from London as there is so much to England. Other cities and places deserve opportunities within this industry too, even though I do love London. Be that as it may, my only doubt is due to accents which vary across the Midlands. I could see why they may cause a problem translating onto screen if an international audience in-particular was wanting to be reached.

7. We understand that you can’t give too much away about your character in this movie, but what made you to audition for this role? How does the character resemble you in everyday life?

I was very lucky to get the role of Imogen without auditioning. I met Duaine through networking on Twitter, then later attended his premiere for ‘Curiosity Calls’. I was so impressed with his work at his age and his passion was beaming. After meeting, he contacted me regarding the role which he really thought was well suited for me. I admired the script and had to take the role. I have quite a few similarities with Imogen if I think about it, especially the mind set I had when I was younger. She is your classic ‘hard on the outside, insecure on the inside’ teen girl but she has plenty of reasons why… which you will have to find out! I just hope I did the role justice for what Duaine wanted for Imogen as I know how much he cares about this piece.

8. So you can tick Duaine Roberts as one of the filmmakers on your list that you’ve already worked with. Are there other filmmakers or actors that you’d feel are the next upcoming talent in that you’ll love to work with?

Thanks to the wonderful world of social media, especially Twitter, I have been able to access a world of up and coming talent. Through Duaine I have met Andre-Pierre Nisbett-Gordon who I would like to work with as he is passionate and grounded. R.M Moses creates visually stunning pieces, which also stimulate the mind, so I would like the chance to properly work with him in the future. I want to work with anyone and everyone who lives and breathes passion for this art! Especially for up and coming talent it is so important to work together and promote ourselves, that’s why I have huge respects for platforms like yourselves at New Wave District who bring to light projects and talent.

9. What other exclusives that you’d like to share with us? As you know, we always love exclusives.

I would love to drop you some like crazy massive news but this industry works in weird and wonderful ways. You never know what email or call is round the corner! I am hoping to be linking up with Daniel Alexander (DA Films) soon to help update my showreel. Daniel is another fantastic talent from the Midlands, I worked with him on ‘BAIT’.

10. If you weren’t pursuing acting, which career route would you love to have instead?

There is no other career or plan B. This is it for me and always will be. I would have to be a different person all together to want a different career. I can’t drop this for anything.

11 . What is one of the craziest perceptions people have about acting?

I don’t know if it’s crazy, but people assume you are working on something all the time and you feel pressure to tell them you are when they ask. But this industry doesn’t work like that! It is okay to not have a role in a project right that minute, what is more important is staying motivated and making progression yourself when auditions maybe are a bit quiet.

12. How can people keep updated with your next updates of films?

I am an avid Twitter user and you can find me at my handle @georgieneathy but I also have a page on Facebook dedicated to my acting journey which can be found under ‘Georgia Neath’.

13. Anything random is nice to end this interview.

I really like gherkins and peanut butter. Just not together.


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